Paniliakos ready for the season

Paniliakos coach has stated that his team is ready for the new season.

He said that the players have been training well and that they have followed the instructions closely. He believes that the team can have a good season and improve on last year’s rankings.

He said that it would all depend on the players’ performance. He believes that he has a good squad at the moment and that it is important that the players believe in themselves. He said that the Greek league is a competitive one and that it is of paramount importance that the club makes a strong start to the season. This will help the team build confidence and become better.

However, he is disappointed that he could not make more signings to strengthen the team. He wanted to sign another midfielder to help boost a midfield that is lacking both in quality and quantity. Unfortunately, it was not feasible as the club is facing financial difficulties.

Paniliakos captain believes that there is a good team spirit within the team. He said that the players are ready for the new season and that they want to win at least a trophy this season. Although it might be difficult for them to win the league, he believes that they can have a good run in the Cup competition. He believes that the manager has been doing a great job and has helped the players believe in themselves. He said that Paniliakos has been through some bad situation in the past and that this was affecting the players.
He believes that the players have now become more matured and that they can handle pressure better. He said that fans should remain behind the team as he believes that this team can achieve great things.