Paniliakos to play first friendly game

Paniliakos is busy preparing themselves for the new season.

The team has started training for the new season some two weeks back and are ready to play in their first friendly game against rival Limnochori. The match will be held in Syntriada.

Paniliakos players have been undergoing intense preparation in order to prepare themselves both physically and technically. The coach said that some players need a personalized training plan while others have been training with the team. The personalized training sessions are mainly for players that are recovering from injuries or players that have special needs.

After two weeks of intense preparation, the coach wanted to assess how far the club has progressed, and this is why a game against Limnochori has been organized. He said that this would allow him to assess how the players behave in a competitive match and on which area he will have to focus.

The coach has said that he will be giving playing time to all the players as he wants to give everyone the chance to prove themselves. He said that he has a competitive team, and it is up to him to find the winning formula.

He said that the team has finished its transfer business for the moment and that he is pleased with the group of players that he have. However, he admitted that if the opportunity arises, he might be interested in signing at least a new player. At the moment he wants to focus on the players he has and ensure that they are ready for the new season.
The coach said Paniliakos is an ambitious club and that they will be making everything they can in order to challenge for the title. He said that each player should give their best if they want to succeed.