Olympiakos Comes Down to Third Place

There are football fanatics in every part of the world and Greece is also not aloof of that list. Olympiakos is one of the best clubs that play professional football in the Greek League. The dormant European giant Greece has gifted lots of superb footballers to the football world but their own league has suffered from lack of spotlight.

But Olympiakos has performed constantly and has made stars that played in the world football arena. Since this is an athletic club, there are several kinds of sorts that they are engaged to. Though football is the main sport for them, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Fencing and other martial arts are there on their list.

But the league of 2020 is not going very well for them as they have come down to the third place even after Aris and PAOK. The topper of the group so far Aris has earned 10 points after playing 4 matches in the group league. They have recently defeated Panathinaikos at their home venue in Athens. The reason behind coming down to the third place by Olympiakos is not the raise of Aris but they dropped several points in their matches. These points could help them to capture the top place in the league table. They started with a 1 goal draw with PAS Giannina. In the points tally, PAOS has secured 8 points from their matches and has been sitting in 2nd place just before Olympiakos.
Though the club is going through a bad time now, the supporters are hopeful about the return of their beloved club in the league to give a tough fight to their opponents. Olympiakos has the record to win 5 or more championships of a tournament consecutively. They became undefeated champions six times which is also a record in Greece.