Michael Skibbe confident on Club getting back in form

Michael Skibbe reckons the Sky-blue white can’t take as long to come to full flow as they took during the first game of their OZ visit in which they got defeated by one goal by the hosts.

The coach, a native of West Germany, has called for more rush from his players from first minute itself as the action shifts to Melbourne.

Ahead of second game, Skibbe said, “It was more of us letting the opposition dominate than the opposition dominating us. I mean when you err so much, it will help the other team and they will of course look better.”

“You can’t be coming into the game so late to be honest. You must remain awake from onset.”
“Everything has been discussed and I hope players will not take a lot of time to turn up and will take the battle to the opponents right away.”

There is no non-Greek city in the world which has as big a Greek society as Melbourne has. Over a hundred thousand people in the city are of Greek origin. So, it is a sort of a neutral venue for Greece rather than an away venue.

A decade has passed since the Greece national side had come to Melbourne last. On that occasion when they had visited the city, they had not had any lesser support compared to the home team.

Back then yes the team had European title, right now the condition is such that they did not even come in last 32 to play the continental finals recently. So, it’s been a downfall. However, it is of no matter for the die-hard Greeks living down under as they, in all likeliness, would be screaming their lungs out for their countrymen again tomorrow evening.