Manchester United is preparing for life without David de Gea

David de Gea is undoubtedly the best player in Manchester United but not only in Old Trafford, the Spanish shot-stopper has made so many impressive performances in the past few seasons that it’s hard to dispute this fact.

Real Madrid is in search of a goal-keeper who can replace their talismanic IkerCasillas and David de Gea seems to be the perfect candidate to fulfill this role.

The original target of Real Madrid was ThibautCourtois but since Chelsea had established a price tag of €73 million, Real Madrid are now setting their sights on David de Gea and Louis van Gaal said that even though he and his team do not want to see David de Gea leave Old Trafford, they are still preparing for this possible outcome.

Manchester United’s Louis van Gaal said: "When we have a very good scouting commission, then we shall already know who shall be the next goalkeeper. We also have a list of goalkeepers who can replace him because we have to be organized always. We want him to stay and I hope he shall sign."

IkerCasillas is well aware of the interest that Real Madrid has on David de Gea and the veteran goal-keeper even said that he would welcome David de Gea into the team and would be happy to compete against him for a spot in the starting lineup of their new manager Rafael Benitez.

Even though IkerCasillas is 34 years old, the experienced player has stated on numerous occasions that he wants to continue performing and eventually retire at Real Madrid.

If Real Madrid does indeed sign David de Gea from Manchester United, the Premier League club will have to find someone who can replace the Spanish shot-stopper and there are a few potential replacements that can be signed during the summer transfer window including: PetrCech, Hugo Lloris, Victor Valdes and Tim Krul.

All of those shot-stoppers are top class players who turn can replace David de Gea if he is offloaded from Old Trafford in the summer.