FIFA Issue Stern Warning to Greece

FIFA has given a stern warning to Greece that the nation will be pulled off from any international competitions if the domestic game in the country continues to be hit by violence and match fixing issues. Greece has been a struggling country when it comes to dealing with this plan. Just as the nation has collapsed, there is a danger of Greece being taken out of the international scenario. The Greek league has been recently suspended after being found guilty of match fixing. While further problems came in the form of PAOK showing violence in a recent match, the international governing body of football has decided to come in with a stern warning.

FIFA has claimed thatGrexit is now a distinct possibility. This has been debriefed to the sports minister of Greece and the Greek soccer Federation president. Greek football has been plagued by a lot of violence issues throughout the last decade. The matters hit headlines recently when PAOK team owner threatened the referee with a gun in his strap. The PAOK team owner decided to take things into his own hands after watching an inconclusive decision from the referee. This would have directly affected his team’s chances of going top of the table. The PAOK team owner faces a ban of at least five years along with a fine of € 50,000. PAOK are also starring at the prospect of relegation.

"This behaviour has pushed us to come here to make recommendations. The Grexit that looked distant is no longer. Greek football reached the edge of the cliff,” said Herbert Hubel, who is the head of the FIFA committee that has been set up exclusively in order to monitor the nation’s football activities. Greece have struggled a lot as a nation and as a footballing entity for the last decade.